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Vacation to Palm Beach, NSW

I visited Palm Beach, NSW in Australia recently for a little vacay away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Palm beach is just an hour north of Sydney and it’s an oasis of coastline beaches, relaxing vibes and lots of palm trees. Although it was raining most of the time I was there, it was still beautiful and serene. There was one day with some sunshine and I was able to visit Palm Beach, lay out for a bit and swim in the ocean rock pool. palmbeach

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25 is weird

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Adele’s new album, 25, comes at a perfect time for me, because I’m 25. I like that her song, “Hello” is about reflection, I’ve been doing a lot of that the past couple of years. Last year I  wrote a “pep talk” letter to myself, friends and peers called, To a girl in her 20’s. Since then, the self-reflection has gotten more intense because a quarter of a century feels old all of a sudden.

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Blueberry Pudding

I accidentally discovered this blueberry pudding, after making a blueberry smoothie that after blending turned into a pudding-like consistency instead. Nonetheless it was delicious! Continue reading “Blueberry Pudding”

The only way to end homelessness is to not ignore it

I watched a video that came up on my news feed that someone shared on Facebook. Typically I don’t like how Facebook has become a spammy video content regurgitating platform, but I was moved by this video and compelled to share it and my thoughts.

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A simple understanding of intuition

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To a girl in her 20’s

To a girl in her twenties, Hi.

Forget the “working girl” degrading connotation and really be in the moment that you’re a working girl now. No, you’re not working the street corner, you’re working your ass off in some enclosed four-walled space you call an office, coworking community, startup garage, cafe, home, wherever. You’re an independent woman now, making your own money, freaking the f*ck out about your own bills, making your own decisions about who you spend your time with, who you grab drinks with after work, who you climb into bed with and who you give your heart out to. You get to decide when you work out, when you eat healthy, when you eat like crap. There is no more scapegoating or procrastinating about your health, your friendships, your relationships, your work, your passions, your sleep, it’s all on your shoulders now.  Continue reading “To a girl in her 20’s”

Spirituality – belief system without boundaries

What I like about spirituality is that it isn’t constrained by a specific dogma, culture or religion. It’s ambiguous and universal so it can mean many things and not be a systematic formula for realizing happiness, dreams and enlightenment. Spirituality doesn’t have any negative connotations or rules to abide by, it isn’t used as a justification for war, power or bigotry. It’s just what a person wants to believe that will make him closer to understanding himself and understanding what point he is at in this grand plane of existence in the universe.

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Finding peace and fueling change for Israel and Palestine

I never have and never will understand why war is needed or is so drawn out in history.

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Preventing mass shootings, taking action and the Bill of Rights

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Mindfulness lesson of the day: Live like tomorrow is not guaranteed

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