25 is weird

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Adele’s new album, 25, comes at a perfect time for me, because I’m 25. I like that her song, “Hello” is about reflection, I’ve been doing a lot of that the past couple of years. Last year I  wrote a “pep talk” letter to myself, friends and peers called, To a girl in her 20’s. Since then, the self-reflection has gotten more intense because a quarter of a century feels old all of a sudden. Something about this age seems like a wake-up call, I acknowledge that I’m not going to live forever. My sense of youthfulness is still there but parts of my personality are chipping away, shaping me into a different version of myself, I’m “growing up.”  It’s a common time for people to reflect on their experiences, decisions and get focused on the future.

I reflect on what has been missing in my life, what I want, decisions I wish I had made or didn’t make. Thoughts pop up about what I wish I had followed through on and what decisions made me disappointed in myself. Milestones and opportunities in life start to make more sense looking back. The fear to make bigger decisions looms over more than before, but somehow I end up making the bigger decisions, because I feel like I’m running out of time to. The self-criticism gets stronger maybe in a way to get me to shape up and accomplish more goals. Why wasn’t I more selfless? Also, why didn’t I put myself first more? While I’m reflecting on the past, I’m also looking more into the future and what is next.

I’m trying to pay attention to life every day and take more time to enjoy it– the simple things, the milestones, the lessons, the people I care about. I’m questioning what kind of a person I’ve become and what kind of life I want to lead and experience, and seem to be getting a better understanding of just that. Twenty-five is pretty weird. There is a lot of tough love, appreciation and learning. There is more meditation also, to keep me centered and having more of a mid-twenties awakening/realization vs. a mid-twenties crisis. And there is more working out, to avoid the impending mom bod, since 25 feels so much older all of a sudden.

Blueberry Pudding

I accidentally discovered this blueberry pudding, after making a blueberry smoothie that after blending turned into a pudding-like consistency instead. Nonetheless it was delicious! This recipe is full of vitamins (blueberries have C, B6 and K), antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Fiber is great for a healthy gut and can help out those with digestive disorders, within reason. Fiber is also known for lowering glucose levels, so can be excellent for people managing diabetes.

I love getting my protein fix in unique ways other than meat products, I’ll definitely make this pudding again for breakfast to fuel my day or as a snack.



  • 30+ blueberries
  • About a cup of vanilla coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon of cashew butter


Blend ingredients in blender for 15 – 20 seconds, pour into container, grab a spoon and enjoy!

The only way to end homelessness is to not ignore it

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I watched a video that came up on my news feed that someone shared on Facebook. Typically I don’t like how Facebook has become a spammy video content regurgitating platform, but I was moved by this video and compelled to share it and my thoughts.

This was my status update and the link to the video:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.40.58 AM

The video originally went viral last year, and many sympathetic people shared their love for this homeless man and even were wanting to send him care packages, raising funds and offering him jobs. The video pretty much made me tear up. Watch it and remember that we are all human beings with emotions and dignity:

Homelessness in the US has always been a national negative issue of interest with slow improvement, we all know it’s happening around us, but for some reason the more it happens, the more people desensitize themselves to acknowledging it’s a problem that won’t go away on its own. The sheer existence of homeless people on the street, panhandling, living their personal lives on the street, in some instances defecating on the street, while not ideal or the happiest of sights, is in fact and obviously because, these people do not have a home to live in. The glum situation of seeing people at the lowest point of their lives on the street, makes people uncomfortable. In lieu of doing something about it, many folks desensitize themselves and ignore those that are experiencing homelessness or even scrutinize them. People assume some non-profit or government organization will take care of them or that there is no hope so why help at all.

I’ve had my fair share of frustrations in dealing with situations with homeless people. Those particular people probably had a mental disorder and were hungry, sad, alone, unhealthy, so I can’t really be upset at them. One lady banged on my friend’s car window late at night and spat on it, trying to enter the car seemingly to kick someone’s ass. Another man was cursing at people demanding that they stop staring at him when they weren’t. Another man cursed at me, spat on my car and verbally wished someone would break into it when I told him I didn’t have any change to give him after he asked for some. I had suggested he go to a local church I used to go as a child that gave out meals every day after I said I didn’t have change. My intention was good, but he must have felt ridiculed and insulted, he was not happy with me.

Homelessness in the U.S. has many layers of complexity that makes it a tough problem to solve. Our governments have placed funding and countless numbers of non-profits and volunteers have tried to solve it, yet there is still a large number of homeless people often times marginalized for being homeless. There unfortunately has never and will never be one easy solution that will eradicate homelessness, but there are a lot of opportunities on a national, community and individual level to take different approaches and tackle it. In 2013, there were at least 610,042 people homeless on a given night. (N.A.E.H.). Homelessness has decreased over the years, thankfully, so it can continue to be reduced through active involvement in community and funding initiatives. The unemployment rate is also decreasing, so there is hope to help raise people out of painful socioeconomic status and living conditions.

Here are some statistics on the impact homelessness has had in the U.S. from 2012 to 2013 from the National Alliance to End Homelessness. They show that nationally, homelessness is decreasing, but it’s still a huge problem for individual states:

  • “31 states saw a decrease in homelessness, while 20 states saw increases in overall homelessness.”
  • “The national rate of homelessness fell to 19 homeless persons per 10 ,000 people in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 106 in Washington, DC to 8 in Mississippi.”
  • “The rate of veteran homelessness fell to 27 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 28 in Wyoming to 156 in Washington, DC.”

A person will become homeless when various circumstances take place in his or her life that are physically, financially and emotionally taxing to the point that surviving turns more into a struggle to survive. Homeless people may have too many mouths to feed and not enough income, may have lost their jobs, may have a physical or mental disability that they can’t afford treatment for or that put them out of work and a livable income. Some people can’t afford the rising housing costs but stagnant minimum wage levels that aren’t corresponding with the standard of living. Some may have lost control of their finances and landed in deep debt and may have a tough family life and succumb to negative lifestyles and choices because they don’t have the resources or community support to overcome challenges. Many have chosen a path of drugs to numb the pain of tragedy, hardship or loss. No matter what the case, every single homeless person began their life with some form of health and happiness. After some point, their life spiraled out of control and they hit rock bottom, on the cold, dirty, concrete sidewalk that they have to call home. While there are many homeless shelters, opportunities and ways to get out of being homeless, many get stuck in this perpetual hopelessness because they feel like they’ve dug themselves in too deep to climb their way out. Many homeless people get addicted to drugs and cannot function with a clear mind to seek help and get their life back on track. Some homeless people are jaded by the jerk-like tendencies of people today that disregard people without homes and label them as hopeless trash without any room to change or succeed.

While housing and community services for people that are homeless are on the rise, how are people that are in that stuck, hopeless mindset of being homeless supposed to take advantage of these services? Many are not in a realistic or healthy mental state to realize support services are there to help them. Many people are so weak from sickness and hunger, clouded by drugs and alcohol to go through the sometimes lengthy process of getting access to services to help access shelter, jobs and recovery. Many homeless people are not willing to change their lifestyles because they don’t know how to, they have lost their willpower and strength, so have accepted a dismal life of living on the streets just to survive the day. It’s hard to think about the future and rising out of homelessness when many homeless people just try to survive on a short-term day to day basis with hunger, negative effects of being outside in the cold or heat, withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol, injuries and diseases, depression and other mental disorders.

People can’t combat poverty by just telling someone to get a job, take a shower or stop taking drugs. There has to be an aggressive intervention and amount of financial and community support to bring people experiencing homelessness back to not just having a home, but having their health, a job, their dignity, education, strength and willpower in their control again. Rather than throwing people who are homeless in jail for committing petty crimes, they should be placed in supportive community shelters for extended periods of time where they can heal, learn, contribute and have the tools to find purpose again in life and take care of their bodies, minds and spirit.

On an individual level, turning the other cheek doesn’t solve the problem. While volunteering at a food bank or shelter might not solve homelessness, it will help alleviate some of the pain that it causes people experiencing it. Turning the other cheek on homeless people because the assumption that they will use the money that they’ve panhandled to buy drugs doesn’t solve homelessness. Buying them food, water, giving them a blanket doesn’t solve homelessness but will help a homeless person have some comfort that day. Giving them money or food may not encourage someone to stop panhandling and get out of their situation, but losing compassion for human beings and ignoring them doesn’t solve homelessness or make for a stellar character either.

Take any negative and hopeless thought or feeling about the issue of homelessness or negative assumptions towards homeless people and the predicament that they’re in and change your mindset. There has to be a paradigm shift from negative thinking to an intention, a big intention giving back and positively contributing or creating a way to help people change their own lives. There are tons of people and organizations that are already using positive mindsets to make change rather than sitting back and doing nothing. One includes Rethink Homelessness, dedicated to helping raise awareness and change for people in Florida, and they made a viral video that sheds light on the stories about homeless people:

Another organization is HandUp that is crowdfunding money to help individuals that are homeless with basic needs and Lava Mae, another startup that is bringing portable showers on retrofitted buses. You can give someone the piece of fruit you brought for lunch, donate time at a local food bank, join an organization, lobby for funding that helps homelessness initiatives, make your own non-profit company, there are so many options that can help solve homelessness. You just can’t solve it by ignoring it.

A simple understanding of intuition


To elaborate on my gypsy-like lifestyle and namaste tendencies, I am beginning to read my newly declared “bible” called Intuition, by critically acclaimed spiritual thought leader, Osho. He sure does have some amazing quotes that could inspire the world out of anyone (ANYONE: spiritual, religious, atheist, or not) and a plethora amount of deep guidance on practically any topic of life. I’m still far from understanding what intuition actually is, but have definitely felt intuition before and curious to hone in on it or learn from it/use it when it happens.

In order to compare intuition against different parts of existence and how it relates to consciousness, I will try to explain like Osho does, what intuition is not, then (try to) explain what it is.


Instinct is something that the body inherently knows to do based on previous habitual experiences, dating back to ancient history even. Instinct is your heart knowing to beat as a bodily function to keep you alive without you being aware that it is going through a ton of complex processes to do so. Instinct doesn’t rely on your conscious awareness. Instinct is separate from your mind and is of the body.


Intellect involves learning about the world in a very conscious, purposeful way, building knowledge which in turn separates people from a pure state of wonder, and separates people from feeling connected to something because knowledge brings disconnection, questions, thought, complications into the mix. Intellect, while amazing if used as a secondary vessel to lead a fruitful life can cloud someone’s experience of being in the moment because they get caught up in the methodology of thinking and overthinking about the knowledge in one’s mind. Intellect is of the mind.


Intuition is the highest form of consciousness, it cannot be learned or known or explained. It just happens. Osho describes the experience of intuition as being a quantum leap that bridges intellect and instinct. Intuition is something that if accepted and noticed in the present moment that it happens can lead to better understanding and connection to the universe. Intuition is a reflection of what is there in the universe but is unknowable, you cannot learn it like intellect, it is a state of being connected to truth in a moment. Using intuition to guide intellect and instinct can bring out marvelous realizations and joy to life. But, intuition, unlike intellect which is of the mind and instinct of the body, is of the heart. It cannot be knowledge that makes someone intellectual and it can’t be a bodily function, it’s of the heart. It can’t really be explained, it just happens to you. Someone solely using the head to make decisions is someone that is just intellectual, using only intellect. Someone using intuition and fostering it with intellect and instinct is someone that is intelligent, that is using the full capacity of their consciousness and existence to make the most out of life.

Learning about intuition is definitely challenging, alternative to orthodox thought and a little over my head, but super cool to ponder about, to pull interpretations about the meaning of life and to analyze personal experiences.

“Intuition is only a mirror. It does not create anything, it only reflects. It reflects that which is.” -Osho

To a girl in her 20’s



To a girl in her twenties, Hi.

Forget the “working girl” degrading connotation and really be in the moment that you’re a working girl now. No, you’re not working the street corner, you’re working your ass off in some enclosed four-walled space you call an office, coworking community, startup garage, cafe, home, wherever. You’re an independent woman now, making your own money, freaking the f*ck out about your own bills, making your own decisions about who you spend your time with, who you grab drinks with after work, who you climb into bed with and who you give your heart out to. You get to decide when you work out, when you eat healthy, when you eat like crap. There is no more scapegoating or procrastinating about your health, your friendships, your relationships, your work, your passions, your sleep, it’s all on your shoulders now.

Damsel in distress and finding Prince Charming? Ha, nooo.

You can’t bitch and moan when things don’t go your way, you are reinforced with the obvious truth that you’re not a damsel in distress that will be saved by Prince Charming. You may be in distress about out how the hell you’re going to get out of student loan debt and get out of toxic or mundane relationships that aren’t serving purpose in your life anymore, but you’re no damsel in distress. And no prince charming is going to find you and make everything perfect. Why would you want to be some seemingly hopeless damsel and rely on a dude anyway? You’re no lazy brute! Some people hope they will get lucky on the fast track to success. There is no fast track to success, that is a figment of the imagination construed by a lazy human being. There is blood, sweat and tears. And smiles, and furrowed brows, and laughter and yelling. You realize that you’re not lazy even though you act like it sometimes, you’re a working girl now, putting in your time to get to wherever that far off utopian place of success is that you haven’t quite and may never figure out a definition for.

You’re not that lazy, you’re kind of selfish, you’re kind of confused, but you’re awesome

You’re not lazy because life is too short to be lazy, you’re too stressed out wondering if you’re killing it or screwing up at your job to be lazy. Then the next minute, you’re pondering the grand and magnificent purpose you have yet to fulfill in the universe, not to sound like hot shit or anything, you’ve just got big dreams that you’re going to transpire, which is dope. That’s one helluv a job you got there, trying to grow up and be a woman, who is wise, compassionate, competitive as f*ck, sexy, intellectual. You’re trying to figure out “who you are” and how to be the best person you can be. You’re beginning to empathize with people around you, with your coworkers, with family, with far away people that are dealing with crazy awful shit in the world, and you’re wanting to help out and give back. Then on the contrary, you’re becoming more selfish and in tune with your preferences of what you want out of friendships, relationships, work, life and you guffaw or are baffled by how stupid other people can be.

You should let your freak flag fly, be okay with being the badass you are

You’ve got your glorious moments, you aren’t quite a gem in the rough yet though. You have a high sense of esteem and love for yourself, as you should. But you still battle with self-image issues, not just the aesthetic kind, but the other kind, like of the spiritual mind, nerdy intellect and emotional heart. You still struggle with pleasing people that just can’t be pleased, but you’re coming into your own and accepting the fact that you just can’t please everybody, so might as well let your freak flag fly, as your best friends tell you to do. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but you’re down to give it a go. You realize letting your freak flag fly means accepting yourself as a kick-ass human being, which you are. It means that you are unique and that you have to be ever present with enjoying the moment, enjoying the journey of letting your freak flag fly, whether that means letting unfold your sense of style, your philosophy on life, your crazy ideas to make the world better. Letting your freak flag fly is letting loose but also being empowered to be choosy with who you are portrayed as or behave like. You choose when you want to be a “girly girl,” a feminist, an alpha get-out-of-my-way-before-I-knock-you-out beast, a deep thinker, an emotional wreck, a tough gal, a partier, a workaholic. You’re finding that the more facets of yourself you’re experiencing, the more you need to get a hold of some balance in life, because some shit is getting cray.

Balance is essential, you can still be silly, you aren’t great at some things and that’s okay

Balance is becoming the holy grail of happiness and key to your sanity staying in tact. You experiment with new avenues of self-progress with your fitness, health, friends, relationships, work, time, lack of knowledge about life and other cool stuff you want to learn about. And you’re slowly but surely growing up. You’re still a kid at heart, imagining a brilliant life and fantasizing about the best experiences ever, and are ridiculously goofy and clumsy, but you’re wiser now. You realize that you can talk some talk and walk some walk, but are also humbled when you understand that you really don’t comprehend, fathom or know everything there is to know about the universe. There are some things that you’re just not that great at, and some other things that are really going to suck in your life and in the world. The difference though, between a passive and simple organism and you, is that you have hope to improve things that are broken, you have a delight for the the unknown, a passion to move forward and on an upward trajectory of getting cool shit done and have an infinite number of opportunities to grab hold of.

You have small but immense power to do cool stuff with life, you are a ninja 

You can acknowledge that there are some things that you’re just not that great at, or things that are terrible about your life, the people in it, the world dynamics of economy, power, politics, justice. You can acknowledge all those shitty things, but you don’t have to accept them as universal truths forever, you can dwell on problems then realize that you have power, though it may be small in the billionths of a fraction small, but still, you have power. You have power to change how you perceive your life, you have the power to change your thoughts and how you react to circumstances, you have the power to proactively deal with the obstacles that may get flung at you. You have the power to sit and be a passive and simple organism, but it is so much more gratifying and cool to wield your epic powers of life-chasing ninja skills that can high kick obstacles in the face. You have the power to learn and get connected with the world and the people around you. The mere fact that your existence is such a rare and almost impossible occurrence means that you are a unique and interesting being with so much potential. You’re not having a quarter-life crisis, you’re starting to realize your purpose and noticing the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals and do something important that is bigger than you.

Spirituality – belief system without boundaries



What I like about spirituality is that it isn’t constrained by a specific dogma, culture or religion. It’s ambiguous and universal so it can mean many things and not be a systematic formula for realizing happiness, dreams and enlightenment. Spirituality doesn’t have any negative connotations or rules to abide by, it isn’t used as a justification for war, power or bigotry. It’s just what a person wants to believe that will make him closer to understanding himself and understanding what point he is at in this grand plane of existence in the universe. Whether that means he chooses to believe in a higher power of religious or non-secular origin is totally up to him and how he interprets the meaning of life. Spirituality is like a map for the eager world student to get a better sense of her purpose in the world and what path to take to feel connected with other people, the environment, with her soul – which to some people could also just be some aggregated form of elated emotions and thoughts about the id, ego and superego. Spirituality to me is like a guide that helps me feel closer to myself and helps me figure out who I am, what my role in life is or will be and how I perceive the world and people around me. The incorporation of symbolism, not necessarily in a religious context, is a great tool for understanding abstract concepts about life and uncovering observations about myself and the world in a way that is less daunting and terrifying to otherwise just go out and try to analyze.


Recently I’ve been experimenting with interpreting my life in artistic approaches like pondering on what dreams might mean and uncovering subconscious thoughts and emotions so I might be able to overcome obstacles or capitalize on underused talents. I’ve also visualized positive affirmations/incantations while hanging out with a few decorative crystals that represent different kinds of emotions and vibrational energies. I’ve read up on spirit animals and animal symbolism to just learn what some belief systems are all about and if I can pull some type of connection or personal growth from it. To a certain degree, my exploration in uncharted belief systems doesn’t mean that I’m sold on a particular idea or a vocal advocate for any practice or ritual. I think the flexibility that I can have in exploring the meaning of life and finding purpose through different spiritual avenues is one of the coolest things about spirituality in the first place, it doesn’t have any boundaries or taboo against what is right or wrong. People can just think, ponder, feel what they want to feel, and if it makes them a more empathetic, wise and giving person after some unique form of realization, then who am I or anyone to judge?

More regularly, my spirituality largely comes from thinking positive thoughts, writing down cool quotes that inspire me, reading about self development and forward-thinking topics on the environment, people, entrepreneurship, technology and music. I also consider spirituality to be getting out of comfort zones and practicing things that drive passion but could be improved upon on like meditation, yoga, music or other fun activities and practices. Spirituality is a lot like focus- honing in on a specific intention and practicing and practicing it until the intention on a particular activity, then willpower, then action, then repetition and habit becomes second nature. From the practice of spirituality (or focus on something) flows benefits like improvement to a person’s sense of self, talents, purpose, connection to the world, appreciation for the present moment and people, and good fortune of love and health. I’d recommend anyone to get spiritual with themselves, if that is making downtime to read a book or write in a journal, going for a run, or trying out some of my tactics (not as hippy or new age as folks may think). If anything it’ll help put a smile on your face and not sweat the small stuff.


Finding peace and fueling change for Israel and Palestine

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I never have and never will understand why war is needed or is so drawn out in history. Why do innocent people need to sacrifice their lives because there are some angry and bitter people in government that must have their way or the highway? It baffles me that by the utterance of a word by the very people that are supposed to protect humanity, so many lives can be destroyed and obliterated. This conflict between certain Palestinian and Israeli forces is ridiculous in my opinion. So many innocent lives that don’t want war and just want to live harmoniously are being affected by this. Where is their right to safety, peace of mind and happiness in the very land they call home?

There are many accounts by civilians, scholars, politicians, un-educated bystanders (like myself), the media and armed forces about this conflict. I can’t take a “side” because I can’t say that I am educated enough to understand the conflict, even after learning about it in history classes, a psychology of children and war class, online accounts of the conflict’s historical contexts, through friends, articles and the media. I don’t feel educated enough because I am not a part of the Israeli or Palestinian community, I can’t vouch for them because I didn’t share their history, bringing up, beliefs, culture or courageous endurance of life.

Here are some of the accounts I’ve seen regarding the conflict, and be forewarned, some are un-biased or biased, depending on what your opinion is, but all should be acknowledged and taken with a grain of salt. The media in general and anything you see on the internet or that has been curated by a human being may potentially not depict the full truth to a story, but you might find that by digging a little deeper, you can get closer to a holistic truth, so I hope you keep digging. Acknowledge and understand the issue, you don’t necessarily have to come a conclusion, I haven’t really been able to– my conclusion thus far is just wanting peace and recovery for the people that have been affected.

Recent pieces I’ve seen on the conflict:

photo (1)

There are too many conflicting accounts for me to 100% take a “side.” I don’t think there should be a side, I think everyone should take the side for peace and as a global community help these countries find a truce, find resolve, find a way to get their lives back on track and their families healing.

Since the conflict recently re-erupted between Palestine and Israel in Gaza after rockets flew into Israel, there has been a snowball effect of violence of involved armed forces trying to subdue or overtake the other. This is causing a vicious cycle of danger and death for refugees and people of Israel/Palestine, especially those living along the Gaza Strip. From today’s article posted by The Guardian, at least 15 people, many women and children have been killed by shells shot by IDF forces aimed at Hamas militants, but the shells ended up hitting a school that had refugees inhabiting it because their homes were unsafe to be in. Unfortunately, it seems like Palestinian refugees need to leave Gaza or anywhere that Hamas might be so they won’t be killed by the IDF, that are trying to subdue Hamas militants. Being anywhere where the IDF or Hamas is located at is jeopardizing many Palestinian and also potential Israeli lives from Hamas militants– as showcased by this brave Israeli woman, but not brought to light by the media.

Since I don’t have the power to stop this conflict, but I am compelled to act and sympathize for those affected, I implore you to donate to the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), an organization that is helping people affected by the conflict, people of Israel & Gaza Strip alike. The organization works with Magen David Adom and Palestine Red Crescent Society so I assume and hope that it is a neutral philanthropic entity that just wants to help people out that are in need. Here is a link to the donation page.

There are also other ways to get involved and donate if you do your own research, here are some other links:

I wish for this conflict to end soon and that all of us as global citizens do our part to give back as much as we can to help others out. As much as taking and receiving is a part of life, giving back is an even larger part of life (in my opinion), helping others get up when they’re down and being a proponent for everyone’s well-being as much as your own is just as important, if not more. Often times that means standing for peace.