How Running Has Given Me an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I love the idea of running. Sometimes, I would rather be a couch potato than get my shoes on and get my a*s out the door. I’ve run a few marathons over the last several years, still not as fast as Usain Bolt and still not as shredded as a legit marathoner. I’ll typically run 2-4 times a week.  Running has helped shape me into a better person on the inside even more than the outside. I’ve learned to stay true to my goals, work ethic and self confidence. Running has inspired me to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. I’ll explain how. 

Running is a choice, it builds willpower to make good decisions

Running is a choice. You either do it or you don’t and you make lame excuses why you don’t. But each time I’m choosing to run even when I don’t want to, I’m building a good habit. I’m strengthening the willpower to make good decisions that go beyond running. The choice I make to run gives me the willpower to make good choices with my work, my writing, my passions and my wellbeing. Entrepreneurs have to make tough choices every day and willpower is often needed to make clear decisions.

Running is a process, a system to get to a goal 

Running might have some end goal associated with it, like losing weight, getting fit, training for a marathon or beating your PR. But, running is rarely the end goal. Running is the process and you have to do it more than once if you want to reach your goal. Running is a system to reach goals. Running won’t get you healthy, faster, stronger in one try, and that’s okay. It’s the process of doing it consistently that gets you there. While you can sprint and you can run marathons as much as you like, the process of running to reach a goal isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  It takes work, it takes a system that you do out of habit to get to that fit body and that fit mind. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, people think it’s all hunky dory, glitz and glam and billion dollar exits… but most of it is process, reiterating on a system over and over to get to the next goal. While goals are important to have in mind, it’s all about the systems you put in place to make consistent progress every day.

Running is doing something that many people won’t

For all the couch potatoes out there, there will always be one hustler that is stepping up to the track to bust out a 10k in the rain, some Rocky-worthy sh*t. It would be easier to just munch on Doritos and catch up on House of Cards after work than get running, which is why most people don’t run. They crash after work or don’t get up early enough to run. I choose to not be like most people. That isn’t to say that there aren’t a ton of hustlers out there smashing more miles than me on any given day or that I’m Rocky. No, no, it just makes me feel good to know that I’m pushing myself to do something that I know many people choose not to. There is something victorious about that, even though I haven’t won anything. To be entrepreneurial is to be willing to do things that others are too scared to or choose not to. Being entrepreneurial isn’t about taking the easy way out, it’s about working harder and better than the status quo to do something impactful.

Running is believing in yourself, even if other people don’t

Running that extra mile, running through the fatigue, running after a fitness slump is tough. Inner strength to power through is what keeps me going. Believing in yourself creates that inner strength, that energy to liven up your run and get you to finish. I’ve had more supporters than naysayers when I said I was going to run a marathon, but the bad vibes can still get to me! I realized I can’t rely on what other people think of me to determine my competency for marathon-running, I need to believe in myself and just do the work. Entrepreneurship will bring loads of naysayers that don’t believe in you, don’t believe in your idea, don’t think you can do it. It doesn’t matter, it only matters if you believe them, then you’ve lost before you even tried. If you can believe in yourself to run that extra mile, you can believe in yourself to do anything. Running requires believing in yourself, having an entrepreneurial mindset requires believing in yourself, even if others won’t. Arnie will back you up on this.

Image by Alex Wong

Vacation to Palm Beach, NSW

I visited Palm Beach, NSW in Australia recently for a little vacay away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Palm beach is just an hour north of Sydney and it’s an oasis of coastline beaches, relaxing vibes and lots of palm trees. Although it was raining most of the time I was there, it was still beautiful and serene. There was one day with some sunshine and I was able to visit Palm Beach, lay out for a bit and swim in the ocean rock pool.

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25 is weird

(Gif from The Daily Dot)

Adele’s new album, 25, comes at a perfect time for me, because I’m 25. I like that her song, “Hello” is about reflection, I’ve been doing a lot of that the past couple of years. Last year I  wrote a “pep talk” letter to myself, friends and peers called, To a girl in her 20’s. Since then, the self-reflection has gotten more intense because a quarter of a century feels old all of a sudden.

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The only way to end homelessness is to not ignore it

I watched a video that came up on my news feed that someone shared on Facebook. Typically I don’t like how Facebook has become a spammy video content regurgitating platform, but I was moved by this video and compelled to share it and my thoughts.

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A simple understanding of intuition



To elaborate on my gypsy-like lifestyle and namaste tendencies, I am beginning to read my newly declared “bible” called Intuition, by critically acclaimed spiritual thought leader, Osho. He sure does have some amazing quotes that could inspire the world out of anyone (ANYONE: spiritual, religious, atheist, or not) and a plethora amount of deep guidance on practically any topic of life. I’m still far from understanding what intuition actually is, but have definitely felt intuition before and curious to hone in on it or learn from it/use it when it happens.

In order to compare intuition against different parts of existence and how it relates to consciousness, I will try to explain like Osho does, what intuition is not, then (try to) explain what it is.


Instinct is something that the body inherently knows to do based on previous habitual experiences, dating back to ancient history even. Instinct is your heart knowing to beat as a bodily function to keep you alive without you being aware that it is going through a ton of complex processes to do so. Instinct doesn’t rely on your conscious awareness. Instinct is separate from your mind and is of the body.


Intellect involves learning about the world in a very conscious, purposeful way, building knowledge which in turn separates people from a pure state of wonder, and separates people from feeling connected to something because knowledge brings disconnection, questions, thought, complications into the mix. Intellect, while amazing if used as a secondary vessel to lead a fruitful life can cloud someone’s experience of being in the moment because they get caught up in the methodology of thinking and overthinking about the knowledge in one’s mind. Intellect is of the mind.


Intuition is the highest form of consciousness, it cannot be learned or known or explained. It just happens. Osho describes the experience of intuition as being a quantum leap that bridges intellect and instinct. Intuition is something that if accepted and noticed in the present moment that it happens can lead to better understanding and connection to the universe. Intuition is a reflection of what is there in the universe but is unknowable, you cannot learn it like intellect, it is a state of being connected to truth in a moment. Using intuition to guide intellect and instinct can bring out marvelous realizations and joy to life. But, intuition, unlike intellect which is of the mind and instinct of the body, is of the heart. It cannot be knowledge that makes someone intellectual and it can’t be a bodily function, it’s of the heart. It can’t really be explained, it just happens to you. Someone solely using the head to make decisions is someone that is just intellectual, using only intellect. Someone using intuition and fostering it with intellect and instinct is someone that is intelligent, that is using the full capacity of their consciousness and existence to make the most out of life.

Learning about intuition is definitely challenging, alternative to orthodox thought and a little over my head, but super cool to ponder about, to pull interpretations about the meaning of life and to analyze personal experiences.

“Intuition is only a mirror. It does not create anything, it only reflects. It reflects that which is.” -Osho

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez

To a girl in her 20’s

To a girl in her twenties, Hi.

Forget the “working girl” degrading connotation and really be in the moment that you’re a working girl now. No, you’re not working the street corner, you’re working your ass off in some enclosed four-walled space you call an office, coworking community, startup garage, cafe, home, wherever. You’re an independent woman now, making your own money, freaking the f*ck out about your own bills, making your own decisions about who you spend your time with, who you grab drinks with after work, who you climb into bed with and who you give your heart out to. You get to decide when you work out, when you eat healthy, when you eat like crap. There is no more scapegoating or procrastinating about your health, your friendships, your relationships, your work, your passions, your sleep, it’s all on your shoulders now.  Continue reading “To a girl in her 20’s”